Medical marijuana dispensary to move to Craighead County

Medical marijuana dispensary coming to craighead county

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A last minute location change means a medical marijuana dispensary is coming to Craighead County.

NEA Full Spectrum was originally set to be in Rector, but after the company's president noticed a gap in dispensary locations, he requested the switch, which the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission approved.

President Gerald Sale said many of their patients will be from the Jonesboro and Paragould areas.

For convenience, he felt Craighead County would be a better fit.

The incoming business will contribute sales tax and 15 to 20 quality-paying jobs.

As far as anyone's concern about security, Sale reassured that is a top priority.

"You'll be on camera the whole time, even when you just pull on to the property, it's going to be under 24-hour surveillance and everything will be recorded," Sale said. "There will be alarms to go off, anything bigger than a raccoon that gets close enough to the fence at night and after hours, it will go off, it's going to be highly secure."

The company is in the process of buying property at 11913 Highway 49 near Brookland.

Sale is hoping to close within the next couple of weeks and begin construction immediately following.

Region 8 News also reached out to County Judge Marvin Day for comment, who provided this statement:

“The people of Arkansas voted to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. These locations are approved by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission. Craighead County has no influence in determining the dispensary locations, but we are hopeful that all the rules and regulations in regard to this new business will be upheld.”

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