MO Dept. of Conservation reports vandalism, trespassing at feral hog trapping sites

MO Dept. of Conservation reports vandalism, trespassing at feral hog trapping sites
Trespassers at trapping locations have gone so far as to smash government game cameras used for trapping feral hogs.

IRON COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Missouri Department of Conservation and USDA Wildlife Services report some vandalism and trespassing at feral hog trapping sites.

“One of our Iron County trappers had interference from hog hunters on private properties on seven of 11 straight days he worked,” explained MDC Feral Hog Elimination Team Leader Mark McLain. “Another trapper in Reynolds County had six interferences with hog hunters and their dogs over the last three months while working on private land.”

In the Ozark region, MDC and USDA feral hog trappers checked game cameras at a hog trapping site and found that feral hogs had visited the trap on a regular basis, but a feral hog hunter trespassed on the area and disturbed the trap.

According to the MDC, the disturbance delayed the success of the trap for three months.

In another incident, they say trappers visited a trap site to find someone’s dog tied to a tree within 100 yards of the trap while a man was trespassing on the private property and tracking the hogs with another dog.

McLain explained that win feral hogs are scattered, such as when they’re chased by trespassers, they move into new areas, reproduce quickly and with natural dispersal or human disturbance, they eventually return to the property they scattered from.

The MDC and USDA agree that trapping is the most effective tool to fight the problem. Through trapping, they say whole sounders of feral hogs can be removed all at once without scattering them onto neighboring properties.

Members of the public can help, they say, by reporting trespassing activities.

The MDC states feral hogs are not wildlife. They say they’re an invasive species, and the department’s goal is complete elimination of feral hogs from Missouri.

To report illegal releases of feral hogs or interference with feral hog trapping sites, you can report it to your local conservation agent or MDC’s Operation Game Thief hotline at 1-800-392-1111.

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