New businesses are headed to Downtown Jonesboro

Future of Downtown Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A luncheon was held at the Glass Factory in the downtown Jonesboro area on Thursday.

The luncheon was held as members of the Downtown Jonesboro Association hosted their first ever Main Street Event to inform the public about downtown successes in 2018 and what will be taking place in the future.

The President of the DJA, John Freeman, said they’ve started a number of new programs to help advance groups forward.

“We’re initiating a new partnership program for businesses and industry,” Freeman said. “This program will help us support Downtown Jonesboro and make it more independent. We want to be self-financing of our needs. So, that’s something that we’re really proud we are doing. We also started a new program to get the downtown residential owners and renters together for a property owners’ program. We’ll have a security website for them to go to should they have any issues. And we can make announcements and share things with them that are happening downtown. We’ve also tried to become more high-tech with social media. And we’re putting on a lot of information weekly of things that are happening downtown. We have also formed a new partnership with ASU. That partnership is to work with them to keep their students aware of what is happening downtown. There’s just a lot of great things happening.”We’ve been helping with the Centennial Rotary Park downtown. We are also pursuing some interesting business improvement district downtown with the city.”

Downtown Jonesboro Association hosted Main Street meeting to the public
Downtown Jonesboro Association hosted Main Street meeting to the public (Source: KAIT-TV)

Freeman said 10 new businesses came to the downtown area in 2018 and he’s excited about what’s on the way.

“We have several new businesses that are going to be announced within the next two weeks,” Freeman said. “We also have some great new residential developments that are going to be on Church Street and Huntington. So, we’re excited about those. Downtown looks bright. There was a new restaurant that opened up last night. Yesdogs opened up. So, there’s a lot of good things happening.”

Executive Director of the Downtown Jonesboro Association Lindsey Wingo said she is equally excited.

“Just this week, Yesdog opened up. That is a brand-new business we have,” Wingo said. “Buff City Soap Company is opening up this week. We also have different loft projects going on. The Microlofts are in full swing and those will definitely bring people downtown. The future of Downtown Jonesboro is definitely bright. We have new businesses coming in all the time and we have a lot of special events planned for 2019 to get people into the businesses and bring them downtown.”

Freeman said a successful downtown area is crucial to a city’s future growth and development.

Customers walking into downtown business
Customers walking into downtown business (Source: KAIT-TV)

“If you’re looking at industry coming to Jonesboro,” Freeman said. “When they come to Jonesboro the first thing, they say is take me downtown. Because people still consider the downtown the heart of the community. We’ve got to have a vibrant downtown with a lot of new restaurants and businesses, places to live, loft apartments. That is a huge attraction to all ages. From millennials to those people that are retiring and looking for a fun place to live. So, the downtown is extremely important for industry growth.”

The Main Street luncheon was the DJA’s first fundraising event for the year.

All proceeds made from the event will go to the revitalization of Downtown Jonesboro.

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