Driver narrowly escapes getting impaled by wooden beam that fell off NY subway platform

Driver 'shaken' after wooden beam spikes through car

NEW YORK (WABC/CNN) - A piece of wood fell from an elevated subway platform in New York on Thursday and spiked through a driver’s SUV windshield.

It could have easily impaled him. He hit the brakes, though, and the beam missed him by inches.

He was not hurt. The Uber driver said he had just wrapped up his shift, so luckily he didn’t have a passenger.

A witness said the driver was really shaken up by the close call.

“He didn’t say anything at all. He was shaken. He was scared. He was nervous,” the witness, Bobby Ramiro, said. “I said, ‘Are you OK, sir? Are you OK?’ He said, ‘Yeah, OK.’ We saw there was no blood.”

It looks like the wood was from a worker or supply platform installed beneath the tracks years ago.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency released a statement, saying, "We take this incident extremely seriously, are conducting a full investigation into what happened, have personnel ensuring the rest of the area is safe, and are relieved that no one was injured."

The beam fell off a subway track in Queens.
The beam fell off a subway track in Queens. (Source: WABC/CNN)

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