Texas couple calls for unity, prayer after they say Virgin Mary appeared on house wall

Texas couple calls for unity, prayer after Virgin Mary sighting

ROSENBERG, TX (KTRK/CNN) - People in a Texas neighborhood say they see an image of the Virgin Mary underneath a porch light.

That led a group of believers to bring rosaries, roses and candles to that house.

The homeowners, Betty and Eloy Contreras, said this is a sign for Catholics to reunite, especially at a time when the church is involved in yet another sex abuse scandal.

"The light is like the Holy Spirit shining over the picture and giving us the strength,” Betty Contreras said.

“I saw it right away and all I could say is ‘wow,’ because being a skeptic, maybe she’s sending us a message,” said Eloy Contreras.

The family says they understand some are skeptical about their vision, but they say even if you don’t see the image, to pray anyway.

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