A Better Region 8: Celebrating a Region 8 legend

A Better Region 8: Celebrating a Region 8 legend
Diana Davis reminiscing with former co-workers and friends as she celebrates 30 years at KAIT.

(KAIT) -This happened 30 years ago this month: “Good Evening, I’m Tony Brooks. We have a little news of our own tonight.” “I’d like to welcome Diana Davis as my co-anchor.”

Friday, we celebrated Diana’s 30th year at KAIT by surprising her with some friendly faces. Of course, on live TV.

Since 1989, we've estimated she's anchored over 21-thousand Region Eight News newscasts.

During her time on air, you’ve gotten to know the real Diana Davis, and you know she is as sincere and kind away from the TV cameras.

For generations of viewers like me, we don't know a world without Diana.

I'm not sure I want to.

Diana, we're a better Region Eight for having you here.

Congrats on this great career milestone and your first 30 years.

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