End of flu season concerns

End of flu season concerns

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - While flu season is coming to a close, some are worried about a potential uptick in cases.

Region 8 News spoke with doctors at St. Bernards Wednesday, and they explained the CDC builds the flu vaccine based off the last year’s flu.

Flu shots typically last between 6 and 8 months, long enough for the worst time of year for the virus.

Dr. Mark Wiggins with St. Bernards said there are different strains of the flu virus, and doctors can never know for sure which strain will be the biggest concern the next year.

“In 2018, the flu vaccine didn’t quite match with the flu, and the United States saw upwards of 90,000 deaths from flu complications,” said Wiggins, “This year the flu vaccine is really amazing. We’ve only seen anywhere from 15-20,000 deaths nationwide and that’s a testament to how good the vaccine is this year.”

Dr. Wiggins said only kids that got their first flu shot at 6 months need more than one dose of the vaccine.

Adults who have gotten the flu shot this season are still covered.

Region 8 News spoke with multiple doctors about this year’s flu season, and they had differing opinions on how the end of the season would look.

Some said we could see a mild end to the season, while others said we could see a different strain of the virus show up more often than it did at the beginning of the flu season.

Doctors said even if we do see a different strain in these last months, having the flu shot will lower the chances of complications if you do catch the flu.

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