More people are cutting the cord when it comes to traditional TV viewing

More people are cutting the cord when it comes to traditional TV viewing
More people are 'cutting the cord' and making the switch to streaming services

(NBC/KAIT) - More people are switching from traditional cable by cutting the cord, but there are many different options available.

Consumers are increasingly creating their own streaming bundles from three major types of services.

There are sports apps such as ESPN+, the boxing app DAZN, and the WWE network.

Then, there are ad-free premium content apps including HBO, Showtime, and Netflix.

Third are the skinny live TV bundles from Hulu, Youtube, Directv, and Sling.

"There's both a plus side for the consumer, in terms of the increased choice. But there's the other side of that coin, which is that choice creates dynamic, it creates difficulties, you have to make decisions," said Mike Bloxam with Magid.

However, digital bundles can end up costing more. It depends on the discounts a person receives from their cable bundle and how many streaming apps are chosen.

An option for people who don't want to pay include a range of companies betting on the ad-supported market.

The market generated $28 billion in revenue last year, according to eMarketer.

"There are an enormous number of advertisers that really want to get exposure and make connections with consumers who are using those services," Bloxam said.

NBC Universal is creating an ad-supported streaming service for pay TV subscribers, Facebook is licensing more professional content for its watch video hub, and Viacom bought Pluto TV.

Experts are still looking to see how Disney and Apple’s upcoming subscription options change the landscape.

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