A Better Region 8: Life saving techniques taught in schools

A Better Region 8: Stop the Bleeding Foundation

(KAIT) - Finding yourself in the middle of an emergency like a car crash or the immediate aftermath of a tornado can happen in a blink of an eye.

In those situations, 911 has just been called and first responders are just getting the alert to head your way. It's in those times that it's up to you to provide first aid.

Thanks to a local group, a new law has just been signed that requires all high school students to learn the stop the bleeding techniques.

The local non-profit Stop the Bleeding Foundation has been pushing for this new law.

The foundation offers classes, most of which are free, thanks to donations, to first responders.

Beginning next year, these lifesaving techniques will be required learning in high school health classes.

Thanks to this initiative, these students will have the ability to save a life from something as simple as an accident in the kitchen to something far worse.

So we say, great job Stop the Bleeding Foundation, you make this a Better Region 8.

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