Woman creates Facebook group for hunters that follow statewide trend

Woman creates Facebook group for hunters that follow statewide trend
Woman creates woman's hunting group on Facebook (Source: WBRC)

AUGUSTA, ME (NBC/KAIT) -One Maine woman created a Facebook group to connect to other women with a love of hunting, and its success follows a statewide trend.

Christi Holmes picked up hunting several years ago. The registered Maine guide said knew she'd love it, but there was something she didn't see coming.

“People don’t always take you seriously," Holmes said. "I’ve been shopping in stores and had guys make remarks, ‘oh are you buying that for your boyfriend?’ And you know so you feel you have something to prove to people which can be frustrating.”

She wanted to connect with other women who shared her passion. So, she created a Facebook group. A little more than a year later, ‘Maine Women Hunters’ has more than a thousand members.

In recent years there's been a steady increase in the number of women who have hunting or fishing licenses. According to the 'Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife', in 2010 there were just over 17,000 women who had hunting licenses. The statistic expanded to more than 21,000 by 2017. The number of fishing licenses for women increased by roughly 10-thousand, in that same time frame.

Holmes said she’s surprised at how quickly her group grew into a space to support others. She said didn’t grow up in a hunting family. However, she was always a fan of the outdoors. She hiked the Appalachian trail as a solo-hiker after college, and backpacked across Europe for five months before returning to the states.

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