Caught on Cam: Waitress save choking customer

Caught on Cam: Waitress saves choking customer

GRANT-VALKARIA, FL (WESH/NBC NEWS) - A lifesaving move was caught on camera at a restaurant in Grant-Valkaria, Florida.

“One of my tables started screaming, ‘Tara help! Tara help!’ and I could see that the person she was with couldn’t, just stopped breathing,” waitress Tara Swiderski says.

During the Sunday afternoon lunch rush at Rib City, a customer started choking. Swiderski jumped into action.

“I didn’t think about it. I didn’t think about it when it was happening, when I was doing it, I just wanted her to stop choking and start breathing,” Swiderski says.

Swiderski was trained in the Heimlich Maneuver during her years as a flight attendant and again when she started working at Rib City.

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