A Better Region 8: Watching for scammers among elderly, millenials

A Better Region 8: Watching for scammers' new tricks

(KAIT) - Last week the Department of Justice announced the largest scam bust ever.

Police arrested over 250 people around the country saying they were involved in scamming senior citizens collectively of more than 750 million dollars.

The cases probably sound familiar. Someone calls claiming to be from the police demanding payment to bail out a family member or claiming to be from a legitimate company demanding payment.

Other scams are in the form of pop-ups on your computer claiming that it’s hacked and your online information is supposedly held hostage until a ransom is paid. We are grateful our law enforcement is cracking down.

And it’s not just our older population. The federal government also says millennials are most likely to give out their personal, private information to scammers.

If you get a call, or if someone shows up online demanding money or information, take a second and ask them some questions.

Get a call back number and verify through a search that the number is legit.

Contact your local police department or the company directly to verify that it’s not a scam.

And never pay if someone is asking you to do so through debit cards purchased over the counter.

There have always been bad actors.

They’re just using new methods to get your money.

And while we want to believe in the best of people, let’s be nice, but let’s not be naive.

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