Monday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Trey & Jim

Monday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Trey & Jim

ORRVIKEN, SWEDEN (KAIT/NBC News) - Four rescued moose look forward to two Swedish college students who visit the animals almost every day.

Monday's GMR8 Foxhole 03-12-19

The four animals have a new home in Moosegard, a sanctuary in central Sweden.

Because the women bring potatoes, Signe, Hero, Potter, and Mai come running when Louise Mietzner whistles for them.

A grown male moose can weigh over a ton and can run up to 31 miles-per-hour.

These four moose have known the women since they arrived and are completely at ease.

Moosegarden is a popular attraction in Sweden, but most people visit in the summer time.

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