Lightning strikes West Plains restaurant, causes damage

Lightning blamed for fires in West Plains

WEST PLAINS, MO (KAIT/KY3) - A West Plains restaurant is recovering after Saturday morning storms left their mark.

As Springfield television station KY3 reports, the storm-related 911 calls began after 9 a.m. at Jimmie’s Family Restaurant.

Lightning hit the back of the building while workers were inside, knocking out lights, phone lines, fryers, and the drink machine.

One man suffered minor injuries after employees say the force of the strike knocked him down.

“We had seen a gentlemen coming in and when we turned around he wasn’t coming in anymore," employee Cheryl Walker told KY3. "One of the cooks was coming around the corner and she literally saw it lift him up and throw him down. We think lightning hit back there and came across the building and hit the truck and got him.”

Just minutes later, firefighters responded to a house fire in southwest West Plains.

The fire caused serious damage to the house, damaging several beams, and causing a partial collapse in the floor.

No one was home at the time of the fire and no firefighters were injured.

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