Recent rain causes mudslide in Helena-West Helena

Recent rain causes mudslide in Helena-West Helena
Mudslide closes road in Helena-West Helena (Source: WREG)

HELENA-WEST HELENA, AR (KAIT/WREG) - Recent rainfall caused a portion of Crowley’s Ridge to give way, creating a mudslide Monday in Helena-West Helena.

According to CNN content partner WREG in Memphis, crews with the Arkansas Department of Transportation worked to clear the road that was closed by the mudslide.

“Yeah, it completely covered the road,” Helena-West Helena resident Robert Jones said. “It went all the way across. It was worse than the first time around.”

Mayor Kevin Smith said the area is prone to caving in.

No home were threatened by the mudslide.

Smith said city engineers are working to fix the problem permanently, but said it could take a while.

Crews could place large rocks at the base of the hill to keep dirt and mud from flowing into the road.

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