Tornado Alley’s eastward shift includes Arkansas

Tornado Alley’s eastward shift includes Arkansas
Tornado Alley is shifting more and more from the Plains to the Southeast and Arkansas is right in the middle. (Source: KNWA)

(KAIT) -When we think of Tornado Alley, we typically think of the states covering the plains.

However, according to a report from NBC affiliate KNWA, the line covering “Tornado Alley” is shifting eastward.

“If you think of tornado alley, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, the trend there is for fewer reports. The trend is upwards in places like Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and portions of the Midwest as well,” Victor Gensini, Northern Illinois University Meteorology Professor, said.

While it’s unclear on how and why the line is changing, experts said it could be from climate change.

“Texas and Oklahoma will continue to dry out due to climate change and these hotbeds for severe weather activity will shift East and the climate models have been consistent in showing that,” Gensini said.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said the hills and Ozark mountains aren’t enough to keep tornadoes from moving into the area.

Gensini added that it’s also significant that tornadoes are becoming more rampant across urban areas in the southeast.

“That’s significant, right? If we take a lot of these tornadoes that are happening in the central Great Plains and shift them east there’s a lot more population density so there are a lot more people at risk,” Gensini said.

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