National program, local shelter work together to re-home animals in need

National relocation program helps local humane society

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A national animal relocation program is celebrating it’s second year of operation.

Its goal is to move animals to shelters where they have the best chance at adoption.

They've moved 15,000 animals so far, and a local animal shelter plays a huge part in this program.

It's the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' WaterShed Animal Fund Rescue Ride.

Shelters in 17 states participate in supplying and accepting animals in need of new homes, including the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society right here in Jonesboro.

They're what's called a source shelter, meaning they supply animals for relocation.

ASPCA officials pick up a group of animals twice a month, moving anywhere from 35 to 50 dogs every month from the NEA Humane Society to destination shelters across the country.

"That allows the dogs down here to find a lot of placement that they may otherwise not find here," Interim Director Rhonda Qualls said. "We have such a large population of puppies and dogs that are not getting adopted down here."

This program is also vital in keeping the humane society operating.

They hit capacity at about 45 to 50 dogs, so relocating animals through ASPCA keeps the shelter able to take in more animals in need.

If you’ve been in the humane society and noticed tags on kennels that say “going to rescue,” it means that dog will be picked up by ASPCA to find a home in another state.

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