A Better Region 8: Arkansas open records law

A Better Region 8: Arkansas open records law

(KAIT) - Sure, there’s plenty we can complain about, but we are all so blessed to live in the United States.

Our way of life is thanks to our open democracy.

We have the power, not a king or queen or dictator.

Unfortunately, each year, there are attempts to block you and me from seeing what our government is up to.

In Arkansas, we have a great open records law. However, in recent legislative sessions, this one included, there are attempts to block more of our government's information from our view.

Over time, it’s a little here and a little there. As one editor put it - a death by a thousand cuts.

We cannot hold our governor, senators, representatives, mayors, city councils, and those who take public tax dollars accountable if we don't know about it.

It’s hard to keep track of where your tax dollars are going if they pass a law that keeps that from happening.

It’s timely this week, because the Arkansas Press Association has deemed it Sunshine Law Week.

They want to bring attention to our open records laws and how they need to stay ‘in the light’ and not hidden away in the dark.

I encourage you to let all your elected officials know how important it is that we have freedom of information in all branches of our government.

Remember, knowledge is power.

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