Midtown neighbors fight new town homes, say design doesn’t match the area

Midtown neighbors fight new town homes, say design doesn’t match the area

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Critics are calling it "Noah’s Ark.”

There is a series of brand-new town homes in the middle of a Midtown neighborhood, and now neighbors are speaking out against plans to start even more construction.

It's not that residents don't appreciate the design of the town homes, it's the fact that the three-story building towers over the surrounding bungalows.

There is also a plan for another one right across the street.

"It's all you can see when you look down the street. you can't see any of the trees or the houses,” said resident Jessica Mueller. “It takes away from the character of Midtown."

Muller and her family live on the east side of these town homes being built on Jefferson.

"It looks like a shed or a barn,” Mueller said.

Other neighbors say it looks like Noah’s Ark. The four town homes will have space for parking and are just down from Overton Square.

Neighbors on the west side right next to the homes say it just does not fit with the neighborhood's Queen Anne and Victorian style homes.

"It's a beautiful building in and of itself, but I think it’s just a massive eyesore for the Midtown construction for the architecture that's turn of the century and nostalgic and no," said neighbor Jennifer Whitworth.

Something else neighbors and Midtown real estate agents like Linda Sowell fear is that the rentals on the street could be purchased, and more of these large structures could show up.

“We’ll have more and more of these,” Sowell said.

The developer builder, Petrauskas, does plan to build another large structure right across the street with a similar design with some changes.

"I think the scale of it is completely incongruous with that neighborhood and I think anybody who lives on this street would not want that next door to them," said Midtown real estate agent Ed Beasley.

However, one Midtown resident does not agree.

“It’s good for the community,” she said. “It’s beautiful.”

The builder developer said he had no comment.

On Thursday, Midtown residents plan to show up at city hall for the land use control board meeting hoping to convince the group not to approve the second group of town homes planned for across the street.

We’ll let you know what happens.

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