Man walks across Region 8 to support veterans and those in active duty

Man Walks For Wounded Warrior

BONO, AR (KAIT) - A Wounded Warrior Project advocate and veteran himself is walking 2,650 miles to show his support for the organization.

Ken Brock made the decision to walk from Florida to Idaho to show his gratitude to those who have served.

He is a veteran himself, serving as a military police investigator. The job gave Brock PTSD.

“I’ve been going through some really hard times from my service,” Brock said. “I’ve seen a lot of things, done a lot of things. Through the years after that, my PTSD really took ahold.”

Brock isn’t on the journey alone.

He has his support dog, Pam, on the trip with him.

She came into Brock’s life at a time when he needed her most.

“Ever since I’ve gotten my service dog, she’s helped me out immensely and now that I’m able to give back, I wanted to give back to a cause that that really meant something dear to me,” Brock said.

During Brock’s route, he’s taking advantage of the opportunity by talking about WWP.

“The money actually goes towards the warriors and their treatment and care and during my route, I’m educating people and informing them about the Wounded Warrior Project,” Brock said. “What I’m out here doing is making a difference and I’m thrilled to get to do this.”

Brock’s journey began on Feb. 1 and he hopes to be in Idaho by July 4.

He keeps everyone up to date on his progress on his Facebook page, where you can make a donation to WWP.

He said if you see him on the road, be sure to honk and wave.

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