An increase in break-ins can lead to identity theft

Thieves targeting unlocked cars in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Officers with the Jonesboro Police Department have a few tips on how to protect yourself.

Be sure to keep personal belongings out of unoccupied vehicles to prevent break-ins.

Thieves look for personal belongings that are of value such as purses, electronics or firearms.

And as if being the victim of a crime wasn’t enough, JPD Detective Brian Arnold said personal information is always at stake when break-ins occur.

“When thieves break in," Det. Arnold said. "This leads to the criminal element of using those cards to make fraudulent purchases or writing bad checks. Then it comes back to the owner.”

Taking a few extra minutes a day to clear out your vehicle may prevent you from becoming the victim of a crime.

“A lot of this is preventable by locking your car doors at night and taking your personal belongings out,” Arnold said. “I know it sometimes seems to be inconvenient, but in the long run it’s a lot safer for you and a lot easier to protect your identity.”

Thieves work to also target those who least expect a crime to happen.

Women who drop children off at daycares are being targeted.

Arnold said when mothers leave their purses in their running vehicle to take their children inside, thieves are watching and will see this as a great opportunity.

“They will pull up to your vehicle, open the door and grab your purse,” Arnold said. “They will be gone in 20 seconds.”

At home, JPD said security cameras will work to protect your belongings.

“I encourage people to put those cameras around their business or residence,” Arnold said. “It can be a deterrent as we’ve seen before.”

If you or someone you know has been involved in a crime, you’re advised to contact your local law enforcement.

Jonesboro Police Department: (870) 935-5657

Jonesboro Police Dispatch: (870) 935-5551

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