Batesville Opoly comes to Region 8

Batesville Opoly comes to Region 8

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A popular board game has sparked the interest of local residents in Batesville and the name makes it unique.

The game, named Batesville Opoly, is being sold at Walmart in Batesville.

Kyle Christopher, Tourism Director at Batesville Chamber of Commerce, said it’s selling out quickly!

“I think the coolest part about all of it is that community pride," Christopher said. "People being proud of where they’re from, proud of Batesville and wanting to take part in a little bit of a different way.”

Christopher said the Walmart in Batesville requested the game idea from Late for the Sky (a custom Opoly game designer).

Christopher added Walmart in Batesville sold out the first 24 hours the game hit the shelves and said the store has sold over 300 games over the last two weeks.

Batesville Opoly’s price is $19.98 and it includes local businesses and attractions in Batesville.

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