Forgery case leads to arrest

Forgery case leads to arrest
A Poinsett County man was arrested on suspicion of second-degree forgery after an investigation by Jonesboro police. (Source: Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A case involving a possible stolen or forged check has a Poinsett County man facing a second-degree forgery charge, according to Jonesboro police.

Robert Allen Nelson of Harrisburg was arrested March 19.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Jonesboro police got a call Feb. 7 from Premier Auto about someone buying a vehicle from them using a possible fraudulent check.

Officers later looked at the paperwork, including the check. They were told prior to the report, the vehicle was returned as it was sold.

“They stated that he was possibly using a stolen check because the name on the check did not match his identification,” the affidavit noted.

Officers spoke with the owner of the check who said she didn’t know Nelson, but did have a check stolen by a “Jerry Morson.”

“She explained that a man claiming to be ‘Jerry Morson’ employed her son to help with odd jobs around a mechanic shop, although they never went to a mechanic shop. The suspect asked her son for a check to pay for auto parts so that he could repair a vehicle which he would give to the son,” the affidavit noted. “The son told the mother that he needed the check to pay for auto parts for the business he was working for. The agreement between the mother and son was $200 for auto parts. The mother gave the son a check that she had signed and left the rest of the check blank. The son then gives the check to ‘Jerry Morson’ and he takes it to Premier Auto to purchase a vehicle for $33,000. The suspect also told Premier Auto that he was married to the victim so they added her name to the title paperwork.”

Also, the identification used by Nelson at the dealership matched the photograph of ‘Jerry Morson’ from the victim, police said.

A $25,000 bond was set for Nelson, who will be arraigned April 19 in circuit court.

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