Women’s rehabilitation ministry to open

Women’s rehabilitation ministry to open

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A women’s rehabilitation ministry recently opened to help overcome addiction and criminal behavior.

A graduate of the Agape House opened In His Wings to help more women overcome their addictions.

Director of In His Wings Ministry Jennifer Tarwater knew she wanted to help others.

“I wanted to help other women overcome addiction like I had been,” Tarwater said. “Jesus Christ radically changed my life and I wanted that for other women.”

Tarwater had a great beginning, but got lost.

“I believe addiction has a lot to do with acceptance from other people,” Tarwater said. “I was accepted at home but there were voids in my life that needed to be filled and when Jesus began filling that void, I began to have peace and joy that I did not know was obtainable.”

She hopes the women in In His Wings have the same experience she had.

“I just know my life has been changed,” Tarwater said. “It has totally, radically been changed and I just know that if women apply themselves and surrender that their life can be fully changed for the better.”

The day-to-day schedule of the house mirrors what Tarwater did at the Agape House.

“I’ve taken a lot of what they do there because that’s what has impacted my life and I have implemented it into this program,” Tarwater said.

The program also helps women who have lost custody of their children to reconnect with them.

“We want to watch those women become the mothers God intended for them to be in the beginning,” Tarwater said.

After the program, graduates are ready for a normal life. They have been taught work skills and are required to have a full-time job before graduation.

The ministry currently has 22 women in the program, with an upcoming graduation June 29.

Tarwater said women do not have a long process to enter the program.

An over the phone interview is required with Tarwater where there is an immediate determination of approval or disapproval for the program.

If approved, women are immediately entered into the program.

If you’d like to contact In His Wings Ministry, call 870-212-3361 or send an email to the program.

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