Device keeps water off roads and traffic flowing

County using new technology to address flooding issues

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - After a very rainy start to 2019, nearly every county in Region 8 has dealt with flooding issues.

And a new tool is helping Mississippi County road crews alleviate those problems.

It's a laser transit system, used by the road department to help dig ditches to keep flood waters away from roads and houses.

Crews were out Thursday working with the device on a flood prone area in Manila.

The device lets the operator set a specific grade for a ditch, making sure spots aren’t too deep or too shallow. This allows flood waters to flow freely.

County Judge John Nelson said this isn’t the county’s first digging system, but it is a much more efficient one.

“It’s faster, it saves time, and it saves money,” Judge Nelson said. “It saves diesel fuel, and it’s a lot less wear and tear on the driver.”

Nelson said the device was nearly $16,000, and it’s been used since the beginning of 2019.

Funding for the system came straight from the road department budget.

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