Flooding in New Madrid expected to get worse before it gets better

New Madrid flooding woes

NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - New Madrid County is one of several communities along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers dealing with rising waters and officials in the area say it will probably get worse before it gets better.

“We’ve had to do two evacuations in the last couple of weeks removing elderly from their home who got trapped by the water and couldn’t get out,” said New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens.

The water in New Madrid county continues to rise and Sheriff Stevens says he’s afraid it’s gong to get worse before it gets better.

Although Sheriff Stevens can’t prevent the flooding, he says they do their best to stay ahead of it.

“We try to be proactive we try to be diligent in watching the levee and watching the back roads to see which ones are under water but it’s all part of it,” said Stevens.

He urged drivers to steer clear of water covered roads.

“What you think is shallow may not be and moving water is very powerful and even though you are in a two ton vehicle strong water can wash it away before you know what’s going on,” said Stevens.

He said if they close a road it’s for a reason and there is always another way to get somewhere.

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