Former Parkin officer accused of using job to avoid traffic citation

Former Parkin officer accused of using job to avoid traffic citation
(Source: Live 5 News)

MEMPHIS, TN (KAIT/WREG) - A former Parkin police officer was arrested after Memphis police say he presented himself as an active officer to get out of a traffic citation.

CNN content partner WREG reports that Odelle Snow, 27, is facing charges for speeding on the interstate, reckless driving, and impersonating an officer.

The report states that two officers were driving down I-40 March 19 when they saw a white Dodge Charger speeding.

Without using a turn signal, the driver swerved from one lane to another, forcing other cars to change lanes abruptly to avoid getting hit.

Officers said he was traveling more than 80 mph before stopping at the Jackson Avenue exit.

Snow handed officers his wallet, containing his ID and also his ID from the Parkin Police Department that identified him as a part-time officer.

When asked about his employment, Snow confirmed he was with the Parkin department and had been with them since May 2018.

Officers said they called the Parkin Police Department to confirm the information and found he had not been employed by the agency since late 2018.

Snow was not supposed to have any equipment or officer identification and Memphis police confiscated the items.

Items recovered from Snow’s car included two weapons, magazines, a state police baton, a duty belt, two police hats, a bulletproof vest, and a citation book.

Snow currently works as a security guard, WREG reported.

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