Knowledge is key when it comes to heart health

Knowledge is key when it comes to heart health
The Beaumont Heart Health Risk Assessment Test looks like heart age and the 10-year risk of developing a cardiac event. (Source: NBC)

(NBC) - When it comes to the health of your heart, the more you know can help you years down the road.

So says a doctor in Michigan, who does not mince words about heart health and the risk for heart disease.

Dr. Barry Franklin is the director of Preventive Cardiology at Beaumont Hospital.

The hospital has developed a test to determine the risk assessment of patients. The assessment looks at issues like weight, age, family history and lifestyle as part of an overall approach to dealing with the issue.

“What it does, it then calculates, two things, your heart age, in other words, the heart age is what your heart is equivalent to for someone your age and your 10-year risk for developing a cardiac event,” Franklin said.

There is a problem if your heart age is older than your actual age, Franklin said, noting other factors like poor diet and cigarette smoking can create issues.

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