This class is music to your ears

This class is music to your ears

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University and Nettleton STEAM joined forces Tuesday to benefit students from both campuses.

A string quartet from the university visited students to talk with kids about their areas of interest.

A-State professor Dr. Timothy Crist said the partnership between the schools benefits the students.

“Music is the perfect place to involve all disciplines," Crist said. "And not just music, but also other things like this. That’s what STEAM is all about. STEAM education is about finding interconnections among things.”

The quartet students discussed drawings of music and then tried to interpret their meaning by playing to an audience.

The students under Crist’s instruction benefit from the interaction.

“Whenever they know they can produce something that is enjoyable and that lifts up our society," Crist said. "They know there’s real value in doing that sort of thing.”

Crist said the music allows students a place where they can express different ideas and find value in creating something new.

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