A Better Region 8: Medicaid Work Requirements

A Better Region 8: Medicaid Work Requirements

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This week, a federal judge struck down Arkansas and Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements.

The state laws required abled body adults to work or volunteer a certain amount of hours a week in order to keep their Medicaid insurance.

Since the program started, about 18,000 Arkansans have been kicked off the state’s Medicaid rolls.

It's always important that our government works to cut down on waste and fraud.

And while I’m certain there were people who shouldn’t have been getting benefits, it appears as though it was the state of Arkansas that was incompetent in how they initially rolled out the program.

The phone system set up for folks to report their work requirements found busy signals and hours of trying and failing.

Once the online system was up and going, and it came with its share of issues.

It’s not that work requirements don’t necessarily work, it’s that the system didn’t work.

If we want folks who can work to work then lets actually help them out instead of making it difficult.

As far as the work requirement, there has always been waste, always will be. It’s like anything else.

For example, I doubt you've ever baked a cake and used every drop of batter or built a house without wasting a single two-by-four.

That said, we need to limit fraud and waste as much as we can.

How about this... ask the federal government and they’ll tell you the most costly fraud comes from those filing false claims, from those already on it and from unscrupulous medical providers looking to gain the system.

If we’re looking to cut down on tax dollar waste maybe we should take a closer look there first.

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