A Better Region 8: Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

A Better Region 8 - Jonesboro Business Expo

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This week's Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce Business Expo was one of the biggest ever.

Over 260 businesses participated.

And if you came out to First National Bank Arena to see what our community has to offer, then I say thank you.

Yes, our news covers the good, bad and ugly of our community, nation and world. It's their job to report on all that goes on.

And we do focus on that 'good'.

Particularly, we’ve reported on a lot of growth in Jonesboro in the past few weeks.

Restaurants either coming to or expanding downtown and elsewhere, new things to do like The Social that will be coming to Hilltop, and the new movie theaters on the northeast side of town and the new shops along Caraway Road.

And I know more positive business growth is just around the corner.

There’s a lot of great news happening and I’m proud that we’re reporting it.

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