A Better Region 8: Battling smartphone addiction

A Better Region 8: Curbing cell phone addiction

(KAIT) -Chances are most of your family is addicted.

It’s something I personally battle every day.

It’s this: the cell phone.

While it’s not substance abuse, we are addicted to it.

We can’t put the phone down to work, play, drive, sleep, or talk to our family and friends.

Addiction is defined as a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences.

You know, consequences like head-on collisions and missing your kids growing up because you’re too caught up in the device in your hands.

The world existed just fine before smartphones, and we can wait to get where we’re going to check Facebook.

Start small. For example, we have a rule in our house, no cell phones at the kitchen table. That’s our family time.

Maybe you have your own way of putting the phone down. Let us know. We’d like to share it.

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Let’s use our technology when needed and keep it as a distraction from the most important things in our life. It’ll make this a better Region Eight.

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