Dust devil tears through park, caught on camera

FAIRFIELD, CA (KOVR/KPIX/CNN) - Young people at a park in California got quite the scare Tuesday, when they got caught in what they thought was a tornado.

It wasn't a tornado, it was a dust devil - and it was caught on camera. No one was hurt at Alan Whitt Park, but the video shows the potential danger.

Moments before the freak storm hit, middle school teacher Courteney Vann was coaching softball and noticed a change in weather.

"All the girls had taken off their sweatshirts at practice, and it immediately got cold when the clouds covered the sun and it was pretty chilly," Vann said. "And then that's when that happened."

Anthony James and his friends ran for cover.

"We had heard it in the back of the skate park and saw some dust just spinning around," James said.

The park’s closed-circuit video shows the whirlwind picking up debris and tearing the roof off a building, sending all of it airborne.

“It started coming super-fast and started throwing skateboards in the air and stuff like that,” James said.

No one was hurt, but park regulars say it's the craziest thing they've seen in a while.

The National Weather Service confirmed the dust devil, which appear when conditions are clear, dry and hot.

There was not any cloud-to-ground connection, which is a hallmark for tornadoes.

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