Statues of Daisy Bates and Johnny Cash will soon be seen at the Capitol

Statues of Daisy Bates and Johnny Cash will soon be seen at the Capitol
Governor Hutchinson signed House Bill 1030 and second bill calls for replacement of two statues. (Source: Governor Asa Hutchinson's Office via Communications Department)

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a bill Thursday morning that will honor two people important to the people of Arkansas.

The bill calls for the replacement of two statues that sit at the Arkansas Capitol.

James Clarke and Uriah Milton Rose have statues at the Capitol representing the state for the past hundred years. Clark was our eighteenth governor and Rose was a United States ambassador under President Theodore Roosevelt.

Those two statues will be replaced with civil rights icon Daisy Bates and music legend Johnny Cash.

In a press conference at the signing, Governor Hutchinson said this was an occasion that deserved celebration.

“This is a celebration of Arkansas history,” Hutchinson said. “About our history and how we present ourselves to the nation. So, this deserves a moment of focus and the public signing of the two bills. I’m happy to be joined by the First Lady. She like music. And that’s one of her qualifications for being here, along with many others. We’re signing two bills today. The first is House Bill 1030, to establish Arkansas Music Appreciation Day. And the second bill will reference our Arkansas statutes at National Statutary Hall.”

Cash’s daughter, Roseanne Cash, was among the friends and family members present during the signing of the bill.

“We’re especially honored that a statue of my dad has been chosen to represent Arkansas at our Capitol,” Cash said. “It’s just such a thrill. This has been made even more special by the fact that he will be sharing this honor with Daisy Bates. I have so much respect for her. She was a true humanitarian. Her commitment to social justice and to civil rights is unparalleled. She was really an inspiration.”

The state will now collect private donations to fund the new statues.

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