Pie for Parkinson’s raises money for Rock Steady program

Pie for Parkinson’s raises money for Rock Steady program

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - April is national Parkinson’s awareness month and St. Bernards Health and Wellness has been hosting several fundraisers for their Rock Steady Boxing program.

This program offers a boxing-inspired workout that’s been proven to improve the symptoms of the disease.

Paula Hitt has been a member of the program since it started in January.

She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in December of 2018 and said she’s noticed a difference since joining Rock Steady.

“Two days a week are our boxing classes," Hitt said. "But Parkinson’s does not take a break so you need to be doing something every day.”

April 12 members got a chance to throw a pie in their instructors faces, as well as a few familiar faces at KAIT.

Rock Steady instructor Keyston Beamon said the event was a fun way to help raise money to cover the program’s fee.

“With the program there is a fee attached to it," Beamon said. "So we don’t want to turn anybody away we want to be able to welcome everyone into the program so with the pie for Parkinson’s we’re able to raise money.”

All money raised at the fundraisers helps cover the fee for the program so that anyone with Parkinson’s has a chance to participate.

St. Bernards still has several events set up this month for Parkinson’s awareness, you can find the list here.

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