Westside Travel Club holds crawfish fundraiser

Westside Travel Club Fundraiser For Trips

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Westside Travel Club served up some Cajun classics Saturday.

The group cooked crawfish, alligator, corn and potatoes all to raise money to fund trips for the club.

Now in its third year, the event raises most of the money for the group’s upcoming trips.

The club held the event in the Westside High School cafeteria and the students dished out the cuisine.

The crawfish boil and gator roast provides the primary funds for the trips.

Sam Kelley and his wife, Danielle, co-sponsor the group.

Sam Kelley said giving kids the opportunities to travel is priceless.

“Seeing kids in the air for the first time on an airplane, looking out the window, a lot of times they’re just stunned," said Kelley, "And some of the things we’ve seen having been to New York City and Washington D.C., Dallas Ft. Worth area. The kids really light up when they see some of the stuff they learned about in class and now they’re seeing it in person.”

Sam Kelley teaches social studies at Westside while Danielle teaches theater at the school.

Danielle Kelley said a lot of kids in the club never get to go on trips farther than Memphis.

The Travel Club provides students at Westside the ability to see more of the world, even though they attend a rural school.

Riley Dunham, a sophomore at Westside, said he started cooking around 9:00 a.m. Saturday.

Dunham said the group built their own boiler and explained the process of boiling crawfish.

“It works a lot better,” Dunham said. “We just fill it up with water, add the Louisiana or crawfish seasoning and put all the crawfish in there. They start off real dark; when they turn bright red, that’s when you know they’re ready.”

So far, the club has taken trips to New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Dallas and Boston.

Danielle said they’ll travel to Chicago in May and have plans to visit Europe next year.

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