Cabot’s “Granny Hulk” holds all-time world record

Cabot’s “Granny Hulk” holds all-time world record
Sharie Mobley can deadlift over 300 pounds. (Source: KARK)

CABOT, AR (KAIT/KARK) - Sharie Mobley, who turns 70 in July, proves age is just a mindset.

Little Rock television station KARK reports that the Cabot woman is known as the Granny Hulk, deadlifting 305 pounds and setting records in her class and in her division.

In fact, the 123-pound woman broke the all-time world record in the deadlift for her class/division when she pulled 305 pounds at a Powerlifting meet in Little Rock.

She started going to the gym when she turned 60.

She works out for two hours, four days a week, enabling her to do 175 squats.

With the help of her trainer, she wants to be able to do even more.

“He says a lot of it is up here [mind]. He said I got the strength and the ability but the gray matter gets in the way,” said Mobley.

You can follow Mobley on Instagram: @GrannyHulk69.

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