Westside School Board presented with check to help maintain memorial garden

Westside Memorial Garden receives donation for upkeep

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -The Westside School Board received a few checks at their school board meeting Monday night.

After a memorial bike ride was held last month to help raise money to maintain the memorial garden, several of the event’s members were on hand to present the school board with a check.

Chris “Topher” Scott, the event’s organizer, presented Superintendent Scott Gaunt with a check for $3,850 to help upkeep the garden.

“The funds are going to go to keep the memorial funds at the Middle School up, the upkeep and maintenance on it and for any further improvements that need to be done,” Scott said. “And also the scholarship money is for a hardship scholarship for two students here at Westside.”

Scott also presented the school board with two Westside Memorial scholarships, each at $2,000.

Scott said he’s grateful for all those who raised money and donate to help maintain and improve the memorial garden.

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