City, customers playing catch up on several outstanding water bills

Hoxie water bill concerns

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Several outstanding water bills have the City of Hoxie and customers playing catch up.

When Mayor Dennis Coggins took over in January, officials noticed multiple water department accounts with large outstanding bills, one as much as $1,700.

The water billing clerk told Region 8 News she compiled a list of nearly 30 customers who she contacted and had them sign an agreement outlining what they owed and how much they would pay on top of their monthly bill until the customer got back down to a zero balance.

She said the city is trying to work with people as much as possible, while still getting the bills taken care of.

“If you’re just paying $5 on top of your bill, that is working off the balance, so that you’re not moving out and leaving a $1,000 bill left at the city,” Water Billing Clerk Jennifer Doyle said. “And we’ve had them that high.”

Doyle said now they’re down to 17 accounts that still have outstanding fees.

And they’re working monthly to get those paid off as well.

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