apologizes, pulls slavery-themed ad apologizes, pulls slavery-themed ad
Critics say the commercial romanticized slavery. The DNA company said it is committed to telling important stories from history. (Source:

(CNN) – is apologizing for an advertisement that critics say romanticized slavery.

The ad aired on television and was posted to YouTube.

It depicted a white man in the 1800s asking a black woman to escape to the North with him.

The man holds a ring in his left fingers.

As the video ends, a marriage certificate appears on the screen, saying the couple portrayed was wed in Canada in 1857.

The ad was criticized for evoking images of slavery in the United States at a time when black women were subjugated and raped by white slave owners.

“Ancestry is committed to telling important stories from history,” said in a statement. “This ad was intended to represent one of those stories. We very much appreciate the feedback we have received and apologize for any offense that the ad may have caused.”

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