Officer praised after saving skunk stuck in cup

SOUTH BEND, IN (WNDU/CNN) - A police officer in South Bend, IN, saved a skunk that got into trouble, then some people made a big stink about it on social media.

“They can get their head in this opening, it’s big enough to do that, but once they are in here, they can’t get it off,” said Officer Ron Kaszas, after a skunk got its head stuck in a cup. “I got out, I got my towel out of the car as I keep in there for rain and stuff like that. I put the towel over the skunk real quick with gloves on, grabbed the cup, and then hurried up and jerked off its head and stepped out of the way and hope to God it doesn’t spray.”

The only spray Kaszas was hit with was the spray on social media. The video went viral.

Even a local radio station thought the skunk-saving heroics deserved some “skunk-saving savioriness.”

“Here is your official skunk savior certificate,” said the hosts of The Irish Dave and Christine Show, presenting Kaszas with a certificate. “We reward you with a certificate for your skunk-saving bravery. We spelled the word ‘official’ wrong.”

Kaszas doesn't just save skunks, he pets them too.

“Yes, I had a pet skunk when I was in my early teens,” he said. “We had it for seven to eight years in my family.”

The officer also had pet deer in the past.

“I’ve raised deer, let them go, some that would not leave,” he said.

And after 26 years with the South Bend Police Department, Kaszas said he saved a skunk before.

But going viral, now that's a first.

"I saw him recording. He said 'I'm going viral’ and I said, ‘no I'm fine. I'm not worried about it. I've done it before I'll do it again,’" Kaszas said.

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