Arkansas company works to fight robocallers

Arkansas company works to fight robocallers
An Arkansas company is working to fight robocalls. (Source: KATV)

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KATV) - An Arkansas company is conducting a test run of technology designed to combat robocallers.

Little Rock television station KATV reports that the solution is called “engage”.

It informs you if the call you’re receiving is a scam but it can show who is calling and what they want.

The technology was developed by First Orion.

Scott Hambuchen, Chief Information Officer, said the scam blocking technology is preventing losing millions of dollars.

Although, the scammers are not giving up and are not going away, as they have technology too.

“Much like virus detection on your computer, I don’t know that it will ever go away completely,” Hambuchen told KATV. “But I think the technology to prevent scam and robocalls is finally catching up to the point where we can now have a significant impact on that environment.”

Hambuchen added that efforts by the legislature to fight robocalling and spoofing are welcome.

He believes the greatest gains will come from the providers and from the private sector.

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