Casey’s General Stores to help in fight against human trafficking

Casey’s General Stores to help in fight against human trafficking
House Bill 3101 creates the Lodging Establishment Human Trafficking Recognition Training Act. (Source:

(KFVS) - Casey’s General Stores and Kum & Go are partnering with Convenience Stores Against Trafficking (CSAT) are coming together to raise awareness about human trafficking.

The stores will provide a neighborhood watch of associates and customers. Store associates will participate in training and place stickers in bathroom stalls with numbers for victims to call or text to reach the National Human Trafficking hotline.

“Our hope is that an employee will trust their gut and make a phone call immediately after suspected traffickers and victims have left the store. That call can save a life and stop traffickers from exploiting more victims,” declares CSAT Program Director Juliana Williams.

CSAT is a program of In Our Backyard, a national nonprofit known for anti-trafficking work.

“Casey’s is always looking for ways to support and improve our communities” said Terry Handley, CEO of Casey’s General Stores. “We recognize that we can play an important role in identifying and deterring human trafficking in our communities.”

Kum & Go has nearly 400 store locations throughout the Midwest and Casey’s has more than 2,100 stores in the Midwest and South.

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