County officials plan ahead to accommodate new circuit judge seat

County officials planning for new judge

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A bill passed through the recent legislative session in Little Rock added a circuit judge seat here in Region 8, and county officials are planning ahead for the possibility that judge will be located in Craighead County.

The whole reason for the new position is what's known as Act 1003.

Signed by Governor Asa Hutchinson on April 17, it added additional circuit judgeships in five different judicial districts across the state that had caseloads so large they needed another judge.

That includes the Second Judicial District, which covers much of Region 8.

This makes for the twelfth circuit judge position in this district, and County Judge Marvin Day said they're already looking at changes they might need to make.

"Typically, we provide an office space and then we provide a small amount of money," Day said. "I think for Craighead County it's typically been $5,000 for expenses for the trial court administrator, which is the judge's administrator, right hand person."

The new judge could be housed in any of the counties in the Second Judicial District.

Day said it's traditionally decided based on where the elected judge lives and where they will spend most of their time working.

So it won’t be known for sure until the new seat is taken, but Craighead County officials want to be prepared for the possibility.

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