Chase attempts cleverness in tweet about frugality, gets dragged

Chase attempts cleverness in tweet about frugality, gets dragged
Chase's Twitter account was dragged Monday for trying to lecture people about frugality. (Source: @chase/Twitter/CNN)

(CNN) - Skip the $5 lattes and Uber rides: That was the advice offered up on Twitter from america’s largest bank Monday.

This tweet was posted to the Chase Bank account Monday afternoon in an apparent attempt at encouraging customers to save a few dollars by cutting unnecessary expenses. It was later deleted.

Chase called it “Monday motivation,” but the post quickly became the target of backlash.

Many pointed out Chase’s role in the 2008 financial crisis fueled by subprime mortgages.

In addition to the subprime loans for which the company itself was responsible, JP Morgan Chase received a $29 billion loan from the Federal Reserve in 2008 to buy Bear Stearns, which was one of the largest companies involved in packaging and reselling subprime mortgage-backed securities, the Washington Post reported.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Katie Porter, D-CA, were among the critics.

Porter recently grilled CEO Jamie Dimon on how tough budgeting for everyday expenses is for people who work as tellers at Chase.

Chase responded, thanking Twitter users for feedback and pledged to be more sensitive on social media in the future.

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