Heart donor’s family meets recipient at Cardinals game

Heart donor’s family meets recipient at Cardinals game
A heart donor's family met the recipient at a Cardinals game. (Source: CNN)

ST. LOUIS, MO (CNN) - A remarkable, chance encounter at a Cardinals game had everyone in tears.

The St. Louis Cardinals held their Transplant Awareness Day game on Sunday, April 28 at Busch Stadium and the event gave the family of a heart donor a very special encounter.

Donovan Bulger’s family was there to honor him. He was just 21 when he died in 2016. Donovan’s donated organs helped save the lives of several people.

It turns out the recipient of his heart was also at the game.

John Sueme was in heart failure for five years before he received Donovan’s heart three years ago.

When they met, the next thing that happened was “a hug fest and a cry fest," according to Bulger’s sister.

The group hugged, cried and one-by-one Bulger’s family members listened to Sueme’s heartbeat.

They say they are already planning their next outing together.

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