Catching up with Coach Treadway

Catching up with Coach Treadway

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - Lets talk some high school pigskin and catch up with Corning’s new head coach.

Larry Treadway was one of the speakers at the Pride Booster Club Banquet this past weekend.

I asked the experienced field general on leaving a winning Walnut Ridge program and how he looks to turn around the Bobcats (in black & gold)

“Couple years ago it all started. Mike Smith and I are old college roommates. We talked about it a couple of years ago, and then as I was getting near the end of my career, it seemed like the right time to go, the right time to move. I’m as excited as I’ve ever been. My wife knows I’m excited about it. This is just fun. I tell people all the time I’m sure doing drugs is one thing, but this way beyond drugs. This is really a high. Gotta get out as many kids as I can get out. I know the numbers have been down for a while. When you’re on a losing streak, that happens. All I’ve asked them to do is just come out and give me a chance to coach you.”

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