MYSTERY: Key fobs, garage door openers useless in Ohio neighborhood

Key Fob Mystery: Devices go dark throughout neighborhood

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WKYC/NBC NEWS) - There’s a mystery that’s leaving some residents in a North Olmsted, Ohio neighborhood scratching their heads.

Cory Branchick says it began about two weeks ago when she noticed her key fob stopped working for her car. At first, she thought it had to be because of a dead battery.

“So, I got a battery and that didn’t work,” she said. Branchick says the issue wasn’t that simple.

“It only happens when I’m only in the driveway,” she said. “Anywhere else when I got to work or when I go to the grocery store, the key fob works.”She says 10 of her neighbors are experiencing similar issues. She says people on nearby streets also complained about their key fobs not working, along with their garage door openers. For some, it’s one or the other, or both."

It can’t be some small device that’s causing this interference," said North Olmsted City Councilman Chris Glassburn.Glassburn says key fobs and garage openers are radio transmitters. He believes something in the area is interfering with the devices’ radio frequencies.

What is it exactly? It’s been weeks and no one knows. “My daughter made fun of me, now she believes me,” Branchick said.

There’s been many theories about what could be behind the issue. People have speculated it could be the airport, or maybe even NASA.

Councilman Glassburn thought the issue was because of utility companies’ equipment. He says AT&T and First Energy sent crews out and determined they were not to blame.

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