A Better Region 8: Preserving Region 8’s History

A Better Region 8: Blytheville Cold War Museum - 5/6/19

(KAIT) -Recently, community leaders in Blytheville announced plans for the National Cold War Museum to be located at the former Eaker Air Force Base.

The base was at the center of the Cold War from 1955 until the end of the Cold War and its own closing in 1992.

The base was on the highest military alert in the event of an attack from the Soviet Union. I am guessing there was enough ammunition on the base and in our backyard to wipe life as we know it off the face of the earth.

Thankfully the Cold War stayed cold.

The museum group is just getting started, but they have already started a non-profit and plan on an exhibit later this year.

The museum, which needs 20 million dollars to get off the ground, will bring in an estimated 50,000 people a year. It’ll be located in the still intact ‘alert’ compound at the former air force base.

Twenty million dollars seems like an overwhelming task. But, if you remember the B-52′s that flew from Blytheville you were amazed that they ever made it off the ground too.

We have a lot of rich and important history right here in Region Eight.

We’re thankful for so many people who want to preserve and share our history for the world, and maybe by sharing this history, help bring in tourism dollars in the process.

Let’s support this effort and others like it. It’ll make this a better Region Eight.

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