Meet Angus, the 6-legged bull

Meet Angus, the bull with 2 extra legs

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV/NBC NEWS) - Angus the bull looks perfectly normal at first glance, but get closer and you’ll see the two extra legs that set him apart.

“There’s an extra tail in between them. I’m actually holding them. There’s one hoof on this leg right here and two hooves on this side,” said owner Dale Grandstaff, a TWRA officer and animal lover.

Grandstaff purchased the bull in Clarksville, TN, after the original owner made plans to remove the extra extremities.

For the most part Angus just hangs out on the farm blissfully unaware that he stands out from the crowd. “It’s just something definitely unique and unusual that you don’t see every day,” said Grandstaff.

Angus is for sale, but only to the right owner.

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